Scott Freeman, SpecFor


PP 15
PS 17
PE 16
ME 15
IQ 12
PB 13, +1 dress to impress
MA 11
Speed 17

SDC: 68
HP: 30
PPE: 5
Age: 29

O.C.C. Skills:

Math: Basic 80%
Radio: Basic 75%
Electronic Countermeasures 55%
Language: American 98%
Language: Elven/Dragonese 82%
Land Navigation 58%
Intelligence 54%
Streetwise 53%
Lore: Demon/Monster 60% – taken twice, specializing in Lore: Splugorth/Minions
Pilot: Jet Fighter 62%
Pilot: Robots & Power Armor 75%
Pilot: Robot Combat Elite: Special Forces SAMAS
Wilderness Survival 60%
Climbing 70/60%
Prowl 55%, +10% in urban environments
W.P. Energy Pistol
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Heavy M.D. Weapons
W.P. Paired
W.P Disc
Hand to Hand: Commando
+5% for all disguise-related skills
Undercover Ops 77%
Impersonation 69/50%
Escape Artist 65%
Pick Pockets 55%
Demolitions 75%
One OCC Related, lvl 1, based on backstory
Performance 42%
Lore: Magic 50%
Military Etiquette 30% (basic level)


Swimming (lvl 3)
Gymnastics (lvl 3)
Wardrobe & Grooming 62%
-Imitate Voices & Sounds 54/58%
-ID Undercover Agents 52%, +10%
-Find Contraband 42%
-One at level 4, based on backstory


+2 to roll with impact
+2 to save vs. Horror Factor
Paired Weapons
Automatic Body Flip/Throw
Body Block/Tackle
+1 on initiative
+1 to strike
+4 to parry and dodge
+4 RWI
+3 pull punch
Backward sweep kick (cannot be parried)
+1 to auto-body flip
Karate kick
+1 to save vs. magic/poison
+4% vs. coma/death
+4 vs. magic (special)
WP bonuses

A Moment in Time
In Plain Sight
Intimidatin’ Manner
Repulse Magic
-Refuse any magic that is not from my patron (minor quirk)
Favored Enemy


Prejudice (major) – clarify
Credo (major) – write down in a sentence or two
Dark Secret (major)
Paranoid (minor) – in return, your paranoia must apply to a creature/class/school of your choice, as well as its usual sweep
Deadly Enemy (major)

Phobia: Gods
Obsessive/compulsive about safety/security
Obsession: appearance
Obsession: specific supernatural demon

Talent Trees

Contacts, Bionics/Gear, Combat, Universal, Luck
Combat (Attack Barrage)
1 Universal – Intimidatin’ Manner/In Plain Sight

3 Contacts
1 Luck


Scott Freeman, SpecFor

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